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LessonWriter was built by teachers, for teachers, with one idea in mind: make it easier to teach better.

One teacher created an application to perform repetitive tasks with new materials, such as formatting work sheets and creating flashcards from a newspaper article. Colleagues noticed and added their own ideas; e.g., "It would be cool if it could identify grammar points in an article" and "I'd love an app that remembered what I taught and suggested what to teach next", and additional features were added.

As the collection of apps grew, another teacher suggested that all those separate programs be brought together in a single website. So we brought on a web development team, formed a company, and LessonWriter was born.

Since then, thousands of teachers have used LessonWriter, many have offered their own comments and suggestions, and we have continued to add features and improve LessonWriter never forgetting that single focus: make it easier to teach better.

LessonWriter. Simple, fast, and free.*

*Premium options available for schools and online instruction.